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Recovery plan announced for Child Protection Information Sharing project

26 Aug 2016

A range of actions are being implemented to aid the struggling project


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Almost half of NHS Trusts hit hard by ransomware

26 Aug 2016

Only one Trust avoided being hit by cyber attacks in the last year.

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Is a replacement waiting in the wings?

25 Aug 2016

A publication has details of a successor scheme it clams has been created by the National Information Board – a n


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NEW COLUMN: A voice from Ireland - Grecian 2000 for grey IT

22 Aug 2016

Turning grey hair to darker hair to protect youthful looks has been a trend for decades, and yet in IT we want maturi



Yeovil Hospital takes major paperless step

25 Aug 2016

A new IT system will make the hospital one of the most digitally advanced in the UK


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Video system employed in Bradford's neonatal unit

18 Aug 2016

[West Yorkshire, UK] Parents who have to leave their children at hospital as they are cared for are being offered the


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Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust launches system to streamline patient records

17 Aug 2016

The new platform will build a comprehensive digital health record for every patient


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220,000 digital beginners given eHealth skills via Tinder Foundation

17 Aug 2016

A partnership between a tech-for-good charity that aims to tackle social challenges with digital solutions and th


August 2016


Teleradiology - Heal-all or accident-waiting-to-happen?

Demand for remote diagnosis and monitoring through teleradiology solutions has grown to such an extent in recent years that the global market may be worth an estimated $8.2bn by 2022. A combination of demographic changes, an increasing number of elderly patients and a rise in chronic conditions – all aggravated by a lack of skilled staff and ever tighter budgets, has meant that hospitals have been left with skeleton teams of radiologists working unhealthily long hours to keep up with demand.

So, could teleradiology provide an answer – or is outsourcing reporting to those without ‘local knowledge’ an accident waiting to happen? We asked Dr Giles Maskell, President of the Royal College of Radiologists and Dr Nicola H. Strickland, Consultant Radiologist at the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in London what they thought.


“A remote reporter, no matter how expert, is always at a disadvantage”

16 Aug 2016

(BJ-HC/ Vox pop) It’s true that we have a scarcity of skilled radiologists, but outsourcing the reporting to



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