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eHealth Week
"I am happy that this initiative moved forward so rapidly and I hope that it can soon be presented to the Article 29 Working Party, the independent European working group on data protection."
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  • The Netherlands is amongst the leading countries in eMental Health practice.
  • Privacy Code of Conduct to protect mHealth data.
  • The added value of Personal Health Records.

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS - (HealthTech Wire / News) — Today the Dutch Presidency of the EU Council, the European Commission and HIMSS Europe announced the programme for eHealth Week, an event that will take place from 8-10 June in Amsterdam. Experts from across Europe will share best practices, amongst others about eMental Health, the online prevention and treatment of mental health conditions.

The Netherlands is one of the leading countries in eMental Health practice. Two out of three Dutch mental health care institutions apply eMental Health in their care provision and in the communication with patients. According to research from GGZ Netherlands, approximately 100,000 Dutch patients make use of eMental Health. Moreover, between 60-70% of Dutch mental healthcare patients are receptive to the idea of eMental Health.

All in all, the programme of eHealth Week will offer a number of sessions connected to the themes: Empowerment of the People, Trust & Standards and Social Innovations & Transitions. For more information about the programme please click here.  

How to protect your privacy while using mHealth apps

A Code of Conduct can help app developers as small companies or individuals may lack the legal expertise to take complex data protection rules into account and apply them to their mobile health apps. This coincides with the current lack of trust by citizens in these apps as demonstrated by the results of the European Commission's mHealth Green Paper consultation and other studies.

In order to improve this situation and to help app developers comply with data protection principles, last year, the European Commission, together with the industry, launched the development of a Privacy Code of Conduct for mHealth apps. This initiative will be discussed in a dedicated session of the second theme, 'Trust & Standards', where representatives from different sectors will address the latest draft of the Code of Conduct and next steps.  

Pēteris Zilgalvis, Head of Unit Health and Well-Being at DG Connect at the European Commission, said: "I am happy that this initiative moved forward so rapidly and I hope that it can soon be presented to the Article 29 Working Party, the independent European working group on data protection. Once approved by them and applied in practice, I believe the Code of Conduct will be a great step towards increased trust in mHealth apps."

The added value of Personal Health Records

In one of the sessions connected to the 'Empowerment of the People' theme, experts will discuss the added value of Personal Health Records and how their use can be integrated and implemented on all levels. For patients with health information and data in multiple places it is difficult to keep track of their medical records. With the use of Personal Health Records patients can collect, track and share information about their health. Improving the ‘information’ position of the patient is a precondition to achieve empowerment and self-management.

"The conversation about Personal Health Records comes at an important time in Europe, where it is common for patients to travel within the continent on a regular basis. How are we all expected to keep track of our records? Can we find common ground? This session will address important eHealth aspects which affect all stakeholders alike and promises to be extremely insightful," said Christina Roosen, Vice President of Public Affairs at HIMSS Europe.

Ethical aspects of eHealth: do we pay enough attention to the human aspect?

Also featuring in the programme, will be a discussion around the critical technical breakthroughs that are leading to humans being increasingly replaced by machines, technologies and robots. Replacing human contact and how to deal with these issues when scaling up new initiatives will be the point of focus during one of the sessions connected to the theme 'Social innovations & Transitions'. Experts will share opinions and develop practical guidelines for practical initiatives.


Source: HealthTech Wire

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