Launch of the 2017 Estonian Presidency of the EU Council and the Digital Health Society (DHS)

story highlights: 
  • The Estonian Government has defined as a top priority the development of the Digital Single Market and the Digital Economy in Europe.
  • The Estonian 2017 EU Presidency is aiming to support implementation of digital health strategies across Europe, appointing the European Connected Health Alliance as their International Strategic Forward to further these efforts. 
  • A multi-stakeholder group is working on developing a declaration of the Digital Health Society, newly launched, which will see the initiative, along with the creation of task forces, form a collective movement that would create roadmaps for delivery of digitisation in the healthcare sector across Europe.

TALLINN, ESTONIA - (HealthTech Wire / News) - From the beginning of July 2017 until the end of the year, Estonia is assuming the Presidency of the EU Council

One of the top priorities defined by the Estonian Government for the Presidency programme is the development of the Digital Single Market (DSM) and the Digital Economy in Europe, bringing more services and benefits to EU citizens. 

The fifth Right around the Free Flow of Data (beside the free flows of humans, services, products and capital), is a key challenge in order to enable the DSM in Europe. Health and social care services are also going through this digital transformation and the Estonian 2017 EU Presidency aims to progress the deployment and the implementation of digital health across Europe.

The Digital Health Society

In preparation for this, the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia has appointed the European Connected Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) as its International Strategic Partner in order to develop the agenda of activities around the concept of the Digital Health Society (DSH) and launch a large collaborative work with the main EU key stakeholders representing policy-makers, citizens, health professionals, scientists, companies and payers.

This multi-stakeholders group (already gathering 100+ organisations) is producing the DHS Declaration, a manifesto expressing the current main challenges for the Digital health deployment and, as it should be a collective movement, drawing ways and initiatives from each category of stakeholders to achieve it. 

In addition to that, and in order to create roadmaps and move forward some key topics, DHS Task Forces have also been created, gathering high-level experts and “doers” from throughout Europe.

The first created task forces are around:

  • Convergence roadmap on interoperability standards and Digital Telehealthcare protocol;
  • Data donors campaigns;
  • Principles of a legal framework facilitating the free flow of data and the 2nd use of data; and
  • Recommendations for the digital transformation & change management in healthcare organisations.

Contact person: Julien Venne;

Register now for the Health in the Digital Society. Digital Society for Health event, 16-18 October, Tallinn

The conclusions and results of this collaborative work will be presented at the upcoming conference, Health in the Digital Society. Digital Society for Health, co-organised by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia, ECHAlliance and HIMSS Europe, in Tallinn, 16-18 October 2017.

The event will focus on how digital technologies and wider use of health data are changing our lives and the ways of healthcare.

Through a combination of educational sessions, interactive workshops and valuable networking opportunities, the conference will not only showcase already existing digital health solutions, but also use-cases and technologies to demonstrate that citizen-centric health services and systems are genuinely valuable.

The programme is built around 3 mantras:

  • Building citizen-driven demand in eHealth.
  • eHealth supporting the value driven and sustainable health and social services.
  • eHealth as a driver of innovation and economic development.

The sessions will present discussions around a broad range of topics, technologies and concepts such as: citizens access and control of their own health data, personalised health, Internet of Healthy things, blockchain, virtual reality, behaviour changes, smart cities, mHealth, cybersecurity, mental health, big data, interoperability and standards, and prevention.

This multi-stakeholders conference will bring together the EU policy-makers (especially Member State ministers responsible for health and social affairs and regions), patients/citizens organisation representatives, large IT and healthcare companies andstart-ups healthcare professionals, hospital managers, researchers, and insurers.

Further information and a detailed agenda will be made available in due course.


Source: HealthTech Wire

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