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Learning, applying and teaching new skills has been an integral part of Prof Dr Britta Böckmann’s professional career. In line with her growing experience and recognition as an expert in medical informatics, her influence on the German healthcare IT ecosystem in terms of implementing IT solutions into standard care delivery is certainly on the rise. And there is no reason why this should stop at the border …

I have always been curious,” reveals Prof Dr Britta Böckmann as one of her quintessential character traits. Her keen interest in learning new things and applying them has been a recurring thread throughout her professional career. After school, in the mid-1980s, she decided to study medical informatics – at the time a new discipline: “Back then, nobody quite knew what to make out of informatics, let alone in combination with medicine,”

Böckmann recalls. “I wanted to do something new. I always loved maths and was fascinated by medicine”.

A versatile career

With the university degree in her pocket, she started working in a consulting company Wibera AG (now PWC) that advised on optimising IT processes in the clinical field. This made her intimately familiar with the IT landscape in German hospitals. Based on this experience, she knew which solutions were needed but not yet available in hospitals. Keen to change this, Böckmann altered her career path to become involved in product development and joined software vendor ITB (now T-Systems). In 2006, when Böckmann became a professor for Medical Informatics at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, she changed her career again, this time, to focus on teaching and research with her main research topics being telemedicine and integrated care.

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