Major Breakthrough Or Just A Signal?

European Commission

In late summer 2015, the European Commission decided to officially recommend 27 IHE profiles for referencing in public procurements. Does that mean anything, given the subsidiary structure of the European Union? HIMSS Insights has talked to Peter Mildenberger, User Co-Chair of IHE-Europe to find out.

Q. Why does this recommendation come now?

The experiences in various national and international interoperability projects have resulted in the establishment of a multi-stakeholder cross-national interoperability platform four years ago, the European Interoperability Framework or EIF. Its mission was to identify use cases that are especially important for medical institutions striving to communicate digitally. The EIF has identified and described ten of these use cases, among others in the field of cross-enterprise document sharing, in laboratory communication, and in radiology. The 27 IHE-profiles that are now officially being recommended for public procurements by the European Commission emerged out of this context.

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