New US cancer network coming to Europe?

cancer care

Insights can exclusively reveal that cancer data scientists in the US are currently holding talks to try to bring their big data initiative, CancerLinQ, to Europe. The American Society of Clinical Oncology is behind the initiative and at least 1,800 American oncologists have signed up so far. So why is this new network proving so popular across the Atlantic and should Europe consider adopting it too?

CancerLinQ is a health information technology platform, driven by the American Society of Clinical Oncology, which aims to improve the understanding and treatment of cancer. This cloud-based big data tool will be used to analyse millions of cancer patients’ medical records to reveal patterns and trends. However, CancerLinQ is not just about research as it is hoped that it will eventually be able to provide real-time feedback on an individual level to help determine specific treatments.

The CEO of CancerLinQ, Kevin Fitzpatrick, said the network, which runs on a Europe-based software manufacturer’s platform, SAP Connected Health, will offer new insight on cancer: “What we’re looking to achieve is a rapid learning system in oncology where we learn from every patient and disseminate this learning to the broader community. We will bring together various stakeholders in the oncology care community, reducing barriers, so that we can share broadly, openly and freely, the highest quality data that is available in clinical care.”

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