Problem solving with a passion

beverley bryant, nhs digital

When Beverley Bryant left Sheffield University in 1992, little did she know that she’d be Digital Leader of the Year – and one of the highest profile women on the UK eHealth scene – 25 years later. Now NHS Digital’s Director of Digital Transformation, Bryant’s star is most definitely on the rise. But what has brought her so far from where she started? A penchant for puzzles!

As Beverley Bryant left Sheffield University, a first-class degree in Japanese under her belt, and began life as a translator, little did she know that she would be a leading light on the UK digital health scene 25 years later.

Bryant, now Director of Digital Transformation at NHS Digital, the body responsible for driving the transformation of health and care services throughout England through digital technology, quickly became disillusioned with the translating profession and, realising “an aptitude for analysis and problem solving”, moved into IT programming.

Having become fascinated with technology’s potential to enable business process transformation, she began clocking up what is now more than 20 years leading IT-enabled change in both the public and private sectors.

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